Klaus W. Rieck   Sculptor


Klaus W. Rieck 

is born in Kassel/ Germany 
Stonemason Apprenticeship in Kassel 
 Studies in Drawing, Architecture and Sculpture in Berlin/ University of Arts (UDK), Germany. 

Since 1996 Freelance in own Studio 
Participation on different national and international Exhibitions and Stone Sculpture Symposien.

Sculptures in public space:

Berlin: Auguststrasse (Gipsdreieck), Volkspark Friedrichshain. Giessen: Universität (Juridicum). Lelkendorf: Schloss .  Königslutter

The sculptures by Klaus W. Rieck are looking for a shape that speaks for itself. In their simplicity, they are an expression of the essence of being, which is more to be assigned to the metaphysical world and the cosmic.